Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Awesome discovery!!

I've been writing and recording since the early-mid '80s, and although I have the first recording I ever made (with a portable tape player, on my mom's organ), I have lost many recordings over the years. The majority of these were due to the switch to digital in the mid '90s...Every time I'd lose a hard drive, I'd lost 2-3 years worth of work. These days I use an external hard drive, upload to my website, SoundClick, here, etc and try to have 2-3 copies in different places "just in case", but there have been some huge losses in the past.

Feeling like a freaking musical archeologist digging up my own life today, I stumbled across a CD I made in 1994 (very early in my switch to digital) that chronicles 13 pieces (in 12 tracks, 1 track is a combo piece) that span nearly a decade of work. The earliest works are from when I was in High School, probably the summer of '88, and the latest pieces are likely from 1994 when the CD was made.

Now, I've always been shy about my work, and only in recent years have I started publicly sharing any of it, though I've in the midst of what I consider a "drought" where it concerns talent or quality. However, even with the limited technology, OLD recordings, some from tape, etc, I find that these are some of my best work, ever. I just may re-record the entire CD and make it a current project!

Anyways, I am in utter AWE of the amazing gift the Lord has granted me this night, and I can't wait to share some of it (keeping in mind, limited in technology, experience and bad recordings, lol!).

Be blessed!


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