Monday, July 19, 2010

A New Thing...

A friend of mine posted a note in facebook essentially giving God full access to his life, to expose and remove the things that may still be hidden away, asking God to have His will and way in his life. In essence, "Here You go, Lord". This is a trend I've been seeing in individuals, congregations and across international boundaries lately. I responded with the following on his note, but felt like it needed shared here as well...

It's amazing to see the parallels in people's lives, and in the course of ministries, all over the area, and in fact, all over the world right now. "Behold, I Am doing a New Thing" has been prophesied in several places and seems to be the call of this global move of God. He's calling us into deeper submission for a nearer walk with Him. Perfectly in line with the Divine Experiment and the knitting-together of area congregations, God seems to be wanting to do the same, both in our individual hearts and on a global scale.

Lord, we pray for the clarity that comes from the Light of Your Truth in our lives. Expose anything within us that is not of You, and give us the strength and courage to allow You to remove them. Likewise guard our hearts and lead us away from anything outside ourselves that is not of You. "Here You go" indeed, we offer up our hearts, minds and lives as an offering to You. Be glorified in our hearts, actions and lives...In everything we do, we long to honor only You. In the glorious Name of Your Almighty Son Jesus our Lord and Savior, amen.


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