Saturday, May 22, 2010


Posted on Facebook by Brian Cooney, Worship Life Coordinator, The Gate, Nashville.

"It is a time where the Lord has brought us to Zero so that he can rebuild us. We will not be able to live like those who have their lives planned out and their storehouse necessarily in place and secure. But we will remain tethered to the Lord for everything. We will live as Jesus, only doing what we see the Father doing and every need will be met. No matter how great or impossible. I believe at this present time we are in a great season of strengthening and prospering. Where God is restoring and establishing us and refreshing those that have walked as Joseph . It is a time where we are somewhat on a sabbatical - enjoying the blessing of God and the flow of His grace. He is opening doors and positioning us at this time and grounding us. He is even giving us the desires of His heart. It is definitely a season of Justice where the Josephs are having restitution being made and the enemy is bound for a season. Not that darkness does not get pesky...but it is unable to prevail in our situations as it has in the past. All this preparation is for our release into ministry and the world like never before as the church goes through unprecedented reformation even greater than that of Luther's time while the world reels as a drunkard. I believe we are on the brink of perilous times but also a great hour for the Church and great Glory given to Jesus the Most High - God of all - King of heaven and earth - Lord of men!"

I repost this because it's so similar to what the Peoria, IL church has been saying regarding our community-wide involvement in "The Divine Experiment". Seems like God is up to something, and it's not only happening here in Peoria.